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The Philippine Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PJBMB) is an open access journal wherein it doesn't gain any income from its online visitors. Therefore, a publication fee or a processing charge is collected from the authors, their sponsors or funding organizations to maintain the services offered by the journal. Such services that needs maintenance or funds are:

  • Editorial Team

    • Allowance  to the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Reviewers and other members of the Committee.

  • Technical Development and Maintenance

    • Allowance for the technical development team that maintains the journal database and website.

  • Article Production

    • Allowance for the indexing services.

  • Advertisement of Journal and its Content

    • Allowance for the advertising team that disseminates announcements on the latest issues or publications.

  • Customer Service

    • Allowance  for the the people behind the responding team which replies to the authors or inquiries of online visitors.

The  fee or the processing charge to be shouldered by the authors, sponsors, funding organizations amounts to 100 USD equivalent to Php 5000 per online publication.  Mode of payment is through debit or credit card addressed to the PJBMB account.

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