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PSBMB New Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website (, along with a new look, we have included features that we hope will be useful moving forward with online activities of the society. We hope it will make visiting the site easier and more interactive experience.

What’s new?

  1. Members can now log-in and check their membership status in their own member’s profile. You may upload your photos and check out your membership status.

  2. Subscription - you may now subscribe to our website to get updated with our every posts.

  3. Membership Application through the website.

Coming Soon…

  1. Online events and courses registration/enrollment and streaming will be integrated in the website. All online activities of the society will be accessed in the website.

Also Look at…

  1. The Philippine Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (

We are looking forward to hearing from our members and we are calling all of you to log-in on our website! If you have any questions, leave us a message in the website or email us at

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