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IUBMB Graduate School Roadmap: A Roundtable Discussion

The Asian and Oceanian representatives at the IUBMB Trainee Initiative (TI) are set to host their first event and first-ever roundtable discussion – The Graduate School Roadmap: A Roundtable Discussion.

The program features students who have graduated recently and are on their way to a successful research career in Biochemistry or related fields. Distinguished professors who can provide information about supervision during graduate research will be present as well.

In today's increasingly competitive world, the TI aims to support and inspire young Asian and Oceanian students with the knowledge and resources for a successful graduate school application and journey, eventually leading to a triumphant career in research.

Where to apply? How to apply? Who to talk to? Feeling overwhelmed?- Fret not! Drop in any questions or concerns you have regarding your graduate school application and your life after undergraduate studies below, you get answers, LIVE at this event!

Be sure to drop your questions to be answered in the google forum:

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