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RevUp 2018 a Success

Once again, the Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PSBMB) , in collaboration with the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) together with the University of the Philippines - Visayas, Iloilo campus , organized the 18th REView and UPdate workshop (RevUP) for Molecular Biology held last September 27-28, 2018. High school and college teachers from all over Visayas flocked to Iloilo in order to take part in the activity filled with workshops and lectures. ​

The workshops and lectures focused on molecular biology, with emphasis on subtopics such as Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Forensics, Bioinformatics, and Food Biotechnology. Distinguished and decorated speakers were invited to give the informative lectures. Moreover, the 18 participants had a hands-on experience with fun and interactive workshops prepared by the NIMBB “movers”.

The highlight of the activity was the DNA extraction from household materials where everyone got to extract DNA on their own. The workshops perfectly complemented the lecture, making them understand the mechanisms as scientists do in the lab. The lectures, interactive activities, and pen and paper activities were capped by a very fun yet informative quiz bee which fostered a competitive but fun atmosphere in the venue.

​The RevUP has now returned to Visayas after a long time, the gospel of biochemistry and molecular biology continues to spread through the annual REView and UPdate sessions. The transfer of knowledge from the specialized institutions to the teachers will be beneficial to the country, as these teachers will surely impart their newfound knowledge to the students, we’ll never know, one of these students might hold the key to curing cancer, solving food security, or discover the next great drug of the century.

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